The best, the Pasquariello of Alfredo Garcia, Leporello in one piece,

by nerve, duplicity and cunning, and finally here, a strong voice

                                                                                                El Mundo

Alfredo García, well wrapped up by the group of choristers, burst in with determination and then gave samples of his scenic versatility in the successive characters he was representing.

El Sobre Verde by Jacinto Guerrero

Luis Alfonso Bes, El Heraldo. June 2019

“… freatured the consistent vocal cast formed by the elegant baritone Alfredo García as Don Quijote … “

CD El Retablo de Maese Pedro

Fernando Sans Rivière, Ópera Actual julio-agosto 2019

In the press



… the inspired and powerful baritone from Madrid Alfredo García showed off with “Ya mis horas felices” by zarzuela La del Soto del Parral

Concert of Zarzuela in Mexico with Plácido Domingo

Fernando Sans Rivière, Ópera Actual. April 2019

In the press

Alfredo García among the best singers  chosen by the collaborators of Ópera Actual all over the world.

Ópera Actual. November 2018

In the press


Alfredo García, maximum specialist in the music of Tomas Marco, shows a gripping and lyric vocal timbre, malleability, good diction and warm and gentle phrasing. He is firm in the highest passages (up to F and G3)

"Tenorio" by Tomás Marco

Arturo Reverter, Scherzo. January 2019

In the press


Among the vocal cast, the baritone Afredo García deserves a special mention as the protagonist.

"Tenorio" by Tomás Marco

Fernando Sans Rivière, Opera Actual January 209

In the press


Alfredo García-to whom the opera was dedicated-solved the paper with full expression. Taking the responsibility of defending a title that I knew in Seville its second interpretation very seriously.

"Tenorio" by Tomás Marco

Ismael G. Cabral, Opera Actual. November 2018

In the press

Magnificent Garcia in his complex vocal range….

"Tenorio" by Tomás Marco

Andrés Moreno Mengíbar, Diario de Sevilla. October 2018

In the press

We highlight the baritone Alfredo García who displays good manners to endorse the dramatic arc that corresponds to him. The singer wants to endorse the stage from the beginning  and nothing stop him. He moves decisively with grace, understanding that Don Quixote is what he is. The seriousness, the constant anger with the entire universe, the madness that can leave a trail of humor or despair. We must add its powerful, versatile and full of beautiful colors and precise voice. Alfredo Garcia is a serious candidate for a total singer.

"El Caballero de la Triste Figura"

Gabriel Ramírez Lozano, January 31, 2016

In the press

Baritone Alfredo Garcia knows really well the character of Don Quixote … he was very confident in vocal technique and necessary theatrical skills. García dominates the entire cast.

"El Caballero de la Triste Figura"

Jorge Fernández Guerra, El País, January 28, 2016

In the press

The baritone who sings Don Quixote, hoards vocalism and presence … excellent Alfredo Garcia.

"El Caballero de la Triste Figura"

Santiago Martín Bermúdez, Scherzo Magazine

In the press

… with a baritone, Alfredo Garcia, who shone with his performance and powerful voice of “hidalgo manchego”.

"El Caballero de la Triste Figura"

Ilia Galán, Group Promecal (11 Newspapers)

In the press

But there is one protaganist, the Baritone, Alfredo García, who recites and interprets the reckless soldier of Stravinky´s piece and, without continuum, sings the role in the Poulenc. He is very good in both works, but it is the sum of the two that shows the merit of the challenge won…it comes out unscathed in a combat that puts all of a modern singer´s registers into play: singing, theatricality, spunk and versatility.

To sum it up, a great artistic success…once more, when risk lurks, great artists apply themselves to give their best.

"Le bal masqué" de Poulenc and "L'historie du soldat" de Stravisnky

Jorge Fernández Guerra, November 2015

In the press


Du bord d’abîmes, includes the special participation of Baritone, Alfredo García… García plays here with his evident acting abilities, creating personalities, including the most dramatic moments, with a great freshness, a full voice, beatiful, well placed, elegant, as he has shown throughout his now quite long career. He was greatly applauded.

"Le bal masqué" de Poulenc and "L'historie du soldat" de Stravisnky

Alicia Perris, Música, Arte y Cultura. November 2015

The base singer Alfredo Garcia proved himself to be a well rounded  baritone,  so well directed by the conductor that , with perfection,  saved the last two risqué final arias

Messiah by G.F. Händel

Alfredo Brotons, Levante, December 15, 2013

…Alfredo Garcia, a baritone whose vocal ability always surprises , is superb in the lower register and sweet and melodic in the middle and high registers.

CD Poems in Prose

Alicia Perris, Música, Arte y Cultura. October, 2013

Alfredo Garcia was the baritone who astounded with his vocal quality, expressiveness and impeccable diction.

Jugar con Fuego by Barbieri

Francisco García Rosado, Opera World. February, 2013

The baritone Alfredo Garcia was really effective as the owner of a robust instrument, capable of imposing the orchestral masses with authority.

Cantata América by Tomás Marco

J. O., Ópera Actual. April, 2012



Alfredo Garcia showed authority and grandeur..

Cantata América by Tomás Marco

José Luis Pérez de Arteaga, La Razón. March 1, 2012

Alfredo García made the solo counterpoint to the intense “Estanca nº 8” with his strong and expressive voice…


Estancia by A. Ginastera

Francisco Mesa, Diario de Cádiz. December 5, 2012

The baritone, Alfredo Garcia, showed, as well as a powerful voice, a great sense of spectacle, in those fragments recited with a convincing Argentine accent and a grandiloquent style which married effectively with the nature of the work…

Estancia by A. Ginastera

Antonio Torralba, El día de Córdoba. March 26, 2012

…prominent role of Alfredo Garcia… Alfredo Garcia’s voice, so confident in its technical complication to sing by heart, dignified what would be completed by…


Sinfonía del Fuoco by Pizzetti

Víctor Burell, El Rincón de Víctor. April, 2011

In the eerie and barren piece of Ohana, intensely dramatic, acted with full credit … Alfredo Garcia, powerful baritone voice-only soloist that needed no amplification-, who ruled his demanding role with great dramatic flair

Llanto por la muerte de Igancio Sánchez Mejías by Maurice Ohana

Javier Pérez Senz, El País


Garcia was overflowing singing that music, so stark but so melodious


Llanto por la muerte de Igancio Sánchez Mejías de Maurice Ohana

V. R, Revista Ritmo


…profound interpretation …warm and restrained interpretation of Alfredo Garcia …

CD Diez autores con diez obras

Hertha Gallego, Revista Opus Música

…singers Alfredo García and Raquel Lojendio, who move across their registration with an accurate intonation and reproduce the arch of the phrasing with a strong and expressive personality.


CD Diez autores con diez obras

Hertha Gallego, Revista Ópera Actual

… Alfredo Garcia … The great difficulty was overcome by a powerful voice, beautiful tone and superb, clear and precise diction, so you could enjoy the content ..

Recital canto y piano. Lírica española S. XXI. Fundación Juan March

Víctor M. Burell, El Punto de las Artes

The best, the Pasquariello of Alfredo Garcia, Leporello in one piece, by nerve, duplicity and cunning, and finally here, a strong voice

Don Giovanni de Giusepe Gazzaniga (1743-1818)

Juan María Rodríguez, El Mundo

The best voices were undoubtedly those of Garcia, imposing great actor and voice …

Don Giovanni de Giusepe Gazzaniga (1743-1818)

Juan María Rodríguez, Diario de Sevilla

Making a success with audiences and critics at the premiere of the opera” El Caballero de la Triste Figura”.

Five minutes of applause and ovation. At the head of the cast highlighted … Alfredo Garcia in the role of Don Quixote …

El Caballero de la Triste Figura de Tomás Marco

El Quijote de la Mancha IV Centenario

…excellent level, a manifestation of the way in which artistic talent can achieve solvency levels that are in no way guaranteed …Alfredo Garcia as Don Quixote … worked very well … With admirable professionalism in carrying out the work … .

El Caballero de la Triste Figura de Tomás Marco

José Luis García del Busto, Scherzo

… highlighting the lofty style of singing of Alfredo Garcia embodying the protagonist of this opera.


El Caballero de la Triste Figura de Tomás Marco

Vinteuil, Opus Música

.… Gold brooch with the premiere of El Caballero de la Triste Figura … The cast has satisfied the expectations… headed by the musician and Alfredo Garcia, a young baritone with fresh voice and a good actor who plays Don Quixote …

El Caballero de la Triste Figura de Tomás Marco

La tribuna de Albacete

…Vocally the performance was superb in the baritone Alfredo Garcia …

Ópera El Acomodador de Javier Jaciento

Diario de Noticias

.. A great job … Among the melodious voices, we could highlight the voice of the baritone, Alfredo Garcia (full-bodied and vigorous timbre)

Ópera El Acomodador de Javier Jaciento

Emecé, Diario de Noticias

It is a source of great joy that at the time of listing these merits, more than relevant, quotations are for two young Spanish singers … Alfredo Garcia gave the measure of a feathered and groundbreaking Papageno, almost perfect might say…The duet of his encounter with Pamina represented one of the jewels in the representation

Die Zauberflöte by Mozart

Octavio de Juan, La Verdad Digital

…individuality with unusual qualities … the Spanish baritone Alfredo Garcia Huerga, in the role of Guglielmo.

Così fan tutte by Mozart

MIchaela Bocu, Adevrul de Cluj

… Alfredo Garcia triumphs in Vienna for the premiere of El Barberillo de Lavapiés….

The Spanish singer continues to garner public acclaim for his portrayal of “The Lavapies Barberillo” in Vienna.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

Octavio de Juan, Mundo Clásico

..Alfredo Garcia managed to reach a really worth seeing Barberillo, lively, smooth, full of ductility and strength in acting and singing.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

Stefan Ender, Der Standart

… Alfredo Garcia, flexible baritone that thrilled with their representation and expertise and was a Barberillo applauded by a fascinated public.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

P.K., Revista Orpheus

… The premiere of Francisco Barbieri’s zarzuela sparkles at the Kammeroper.
…The wonderfully cast Spanish singers, led by the baritone Alfredo García as the picaresque, busybody barber Lamparilla and soprano Silvia Vázquez….romp vocally and dramatically thoughout with vivacious Latin abandon
…A first class Spanish cast delights in the Kammeroper’s production of “El Barberillo de Lavapiés”

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

E.P.G, Austria Today

The level of the voices was truly excellent…. The cast led by Alfredo Garcia, a booming Lamparilla, a young baritone, endowed with excellent vocal and artistic skills.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

G.L., Revista Ritmo

Viva España en Viena……Singers full of character and vocally gifted …. Alfredo Garcia (Lamparilla )…What really counts is the interpretation full of temperament, intense and compelling movements in moments of dance of the soloists, all Spanish singers, zarzuela experts and vocally gifted…

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

Von Gerhard Kramer, Die Presse

… The Zarzuela El Barberillo de Lavapiés triumphs in Vienna … thanks to the grace and daring of a group of young Spanish artists and experts… The opening night was welcomed by an audience who knew how to thank the hectic pace of a show in which Alfredo Garcia (Lamparilla) showed off the movements that the work required at all times.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés by Barbieri

Monica Fokkelman, El Mundo

Success for El Barbero de Lavapiés … As for the singers, we must highlight the barber Lamparilla (Alfredo García), a suburban hero, in love with himself, who believes him to be important and to dominate the situation.

El Barberillo de Lavapiés de Barbieri

O.L., El Mundo

… Alfredo Garcia certainly caused a real sensation in the aria from Kalman Zupan, beautifully interpreted.

Der Zigeunerbaron by J. Strauss

Lidia Zawistowska, Kurier Swietokrzysk

The cast of performers … was the most homogeneous, refined and expressive of what we have been fortunate to see and hear in this opera … Alfredo Garcia (Mauregato), full bodied and living and sober colour, formed a striking couple.

Alfonso und Estrella by F. Schubert

Diario de León, Miguel A. Nemopuceno

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